Frequently Asked Questions

The following are brief answers to several questions that are frequently asked about the National Center for Constitutional Studies.

Q1. If NCCS wants to help restore the Constitution, why does it focus on education rather than political activism?

We’re an educational foundation, not a lobbying group or political action committee, although we urge our supporters to be actively involved in political issues and campaigns at every level of government. In our view, education is one of the most powerful forms of activism. A great many “activist” organizations are trying to solve America’s problems without employing the “freedom and unity” formula that made us the freest and most prosperous nation on earth. Unless these principles are understood and implemented, no amount of activism can help us regain our constitutional bearings. Thus NCCS serves as a resource to politically active citizens and organizations: we can significantly increase their effectiveness by helping them gain a strong working knowledge of the founders’ teachings.

Q2. How is the Center funded, and is it affiliated with other organizations?

We’re a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation funded by thousands of patriotic Americans who believe this country needs the message we’re disseminating. We receive no government funding; virtually all of our income consists of small monthly donations from private citizens who sacrifice to support our mission. For this reason, we take great pains to manage our funds wisely and to use them only for their intended purpose. We don’t borrow money, and we expand our products and programs only as the needed resources become available. We gratefully accept contributions from all who feel that our educational campaign is good for America.

NCCS is an independent foundation with no affiliation or financial ties to any other organization. However, we appreciate the fine work being accomplished by a number of citizen groups, as we realize it will take the combined efforts of many patriots to heal our nation. We distribute some educational materials that are not produced by NCCS, just as other organizations carry our products.

We’re nonpartisan and nondenominational, but we encourage our supporters to work within the political parties of their choice, and especially to pray, study the scriptures, and attend church. Like John Adams, we believe that “our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.”

Q3. Does the Center take positions on current political issues?

We regularly analyze significant constitutional issues, but we don’t always take a strong “advocacy” position, and we rarely push for a specific political strategy. Our approach is to teach the foundation principles, then allow an informed citizenry to make their own decisions regarding the best application of those ideas. We believe that correct policies always grow out of correct principles.

Q4. In light of the serious crisis now confronting America, why does NCCS maintain such a positive outlook?

There are several reasons for our optimism.

  1. We concentrate on the principles taught by our founding fathers, and by nature these are very positive.
  2. As noted earlier, we believe that a positive focus is essential to the rebuilding of America. It’s obvious that merely identifying and criticizing the “bad guys” is not going to solve the nation’s problems; we must be constructively engaged in activities that will produce good and lasting results.
  3. And most important, we know that “God governs in the affairs of men.” Since He is the Author and Protector of our liberty, we look to the future with faith and assurance.

The Bible proclaims that “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” However, neither the Spirit of the Lord nor the blessings of liberty can thrive in an atmosphere of negativism and alarmism. Yes, there are those who would destroy our freedom. But men aren’t the only ones who make plans; so does the Almighty and He always wins!

The founders testified that the United States and its Constitution were established by “the finger of Providence.” America has a divine destiny which has not yet been fulfilled, and it is our conviction that God will preserve this nation. Our task is to be worthy of His intervention, to do what we can to uphold correct principles and improve conditions around us, and finally to trust in Him for the outcome. This is the only approach that makes sense to those who believe, as the founders did, that God is the controlling factor in the freedom equation.

Q5. In the view of NCCS, is it still possible to save the Constitution?

We firmly believe it’s possible to save the Constitution, but we believe it can be saved only by an enlightened citizenry who have the knowledge and commitment to abide by its precepts and safeguard its original purity. This is why the American people must have an opportunity to learn the truths on which our nation was founded. Never has there been a more urgent need for this kind of education-and that’s precisely why NCCS was created.