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very nice

good for everyone to read and remember why we still have our country

Perfect Pocket Reference~

I like to hand these out to cops...

Perfect size for passing out

Customer appreciation

These are a great product to add to our customer orders. Fast shipping and price is great.

good product and cheap

Came quickly!

Everything came quickly and as expected. It's a great price as well.

US Constitution Poster
Martha Johnson
Beautiful posters

Love the posters


I have been handing out your Pocket Constitution for years. Two things: I believe our Dec. of Independence to be foremost important because of our unique declaration of unalienable Rights. Second, the founding fathers’s quotes at the beginning should be added again for quick reference, “bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” “A wholly moral people…”


Great convenient book w/ all our laws in quick reference.

Quick and Easy

Affordable fast delivery of these constitutions. Will definitely be buying more


In my previous shipments, the first couple of pages used to have all sorts of quotes from our Founding Fathers/past presidents. These copies don't have any. Kind of disappointing....

Excellent Response Time

Books were shipped quickly and packaged well for transit. Would definitely do business with them again.

Should be required reading in every high school and college.

Outstanding, clear, concise and very well written.

Pocket Constitution

GREAT PRODUCT! Easy to order and arrived quickly! THANK YOU!

You did excellent as always!

Our clients love these!

We have pocket Constutions available for our guests to take for free(dom). Love it when it generates table conversation.

Excellent resource

Your sale allowed me to purchase enough Constitutions for every senior at a local high school. (400). The Government teacher appreciates being able to place one in every student’s hands and so I appreciate it hat she sees the importance.

Permission Slips

I order 100 at a time, then hand them out to random folks as permission slips till I run out....

Then I reorder.

Great product

Great product at a great price for the students. Third time ordering and will continue to order from here.


Both service, price and product


These constitutions are fabulous and such an education tool. We have ordered many thousands and give them out to our customers in their boxes, rallies, schools and retail locations. Leave them where ever you go: Doctors, Restaraunt etc

How can Americans know what is being taken away if they don’t know their rights to being with.

Since the Seventies

Our family took the Constitution course from Dr. Skousen in the late seventies. It was a remarkable experience for all of us. Until my husband's passing in 2020 he always carried a pocket Constitution with him and gave them away frequently. Now I always have them in my purse. We must have given away hundreds during these forty-some years!

Know your right!

No, you're right! This book is good to study and review the Bill of Rights. I highly recommend it.