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John Stormer’s five previous books have sold over 11 million copies. A Korean War Air Force veteran, Stormer has been deeply involved at the legislative and judicial levels of government for over thirty years. He has worked to keep families, church ministries and private schools free from government control at the local, state and federal levels.

Teaching Bible studies for legislators in the Missouri Capitol twice a week for over twenty-five years has allowed Stormer to know and work closely with key public officials.


Use of Quotations is Awesome
John Stormer’s book is a must reading for all those who seek to understand how judges have unconstitutionally changed American culture by replacing our religious heritage with sociological jurisprudence. His dozens of authentic quotations from historic and current authorities are awesome.
– Phyllis Schlafly

Supreme Court Attorney Gets a Glimmer of Hope
I’ve been an attorney for fifty years. Over those years, I’ve observed what court decisions have done to our constitutional heritage and culture. I’ve read the books about what courts have done and are doing now. My experiences and the books I’ve read combine to produce the depressing thought that there is no real remedy.

However, the challenge of John Stormer’s book, BETRAYED BY THE BENCH, has given me a glimmer of hope. The book should be read by every citizen, particularly those in the legal professions, in education and the clergy.
– Robert P. Baine, Jr.

Blaine has argued and won before the U.S. Supreme Court

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