A biography of James Madison's life entitled The Real James Madison.

Real James Madison

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Of all the illustrious men in the cadre known as our Founding Fathers, upon only one has history bestowed the title “Father of the Constitution”. 

James Madison was perhaps an unlikely candidate for such an appellation, but it is one he unquestionably earned. Madison recognized the momentous nature of the time in which he lived and profoundly understood the historic significance of his position as a member (some would argue “the” member) of the Convention of 1787 and the concomitant responsibility of forming a functioning, dynamic, restrained government that would best fit the republican genius of the American people. 

In this biography of James Madison, you will meet this man as he is allowed to present much of his story in his own words.

No man's life can be truly understood apart from his ideas, nor can his ideas be fully appreciated apart from the experiences which shaped his life. For this reason, The Real James Madison includes two parts.

  • Part 1 - A Biography of James Madison's Life
  • Part 2 - Selected quotations from his life, organized by topic.

These two parts are designed to complement each other and paint a more complete and accurate picture of the life of James Madison.

The Real James Madison is part of a series published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies entitled The American Classic Series. It is designed to revive an intelligent appreciation of the Founders and the remarkable system of government that they gave us.

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John Reynolds

I had the pleasure to review this book before it was published. This book should be a required reading by all of our students in their Civics class. Joe Wolverton's words are engaging, fascinating and enlightening all in one about The Father of the Constitution- James Madison! Purchase and send to your family members this Christmas season. They won't be disappointed.

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