The Making of America (Recorded 1-Day Seminar)

We recognize that many people would like to attend a live NCCS seminar, but are unable to for various reasons. We have therefore recorded one of our live seminars which is now available for purchase on 2 DVD’s. The following video is a brief introduction to our recorded seminar.

We have also included our Seminar Guide as a free download so you can get a feel for the content presented in The Making of America Seminar.

Recorded 1-Day Seminar

moa_recorded_seminar_intro-300x224 Recorded Seminar

In the great formative period of the United States over two centuries ago, the American Founding Fathers became acutely aware that all mankind is seeking the same three things: freedom, prosperity, and peace.

They set out to find a system of government that would provide these things for the people of America. Unfortunately, in their own day no such government existed. They therefore determined to invent one. This is their story.

As we shall see, the search for the “ancient principles” of sound government was a prolonged and painful one. What was worse, when they finally discovered what these principles were, it was difficult to persuade many people to accept them. Getting people to assume the responsibilities of freedom and self-government was one of the most discouraging
parts of their political adventure.

The structuring of the American success formula for freedom, prosperity, and peace was a hard-won achievement.  Nevertheless, it did finally produce in America the first free people in modern times.

That is why this course is important. The Founders laid the foundation for us. We must preserve it. To do so, we must know their success formula well. This formula is set forth in great detail in our core books entitled The 5000 Year Leap and The Making of America. Our 1-day seminar is designed to provide a clear overview of the great principles of America’s freedom and the stirring history of their discovery and adoption. We invite you to begin this exciting journey.