What Does America Mean to You?

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Some of you may remember hearing the story of Peter Fetcher, an 18-year-old young man trapped behind the Berlin Wall in East Germany. Peter and his close friend, Helmut Kulbeik, yearned to be free from communist oppression. They dreamed of America – the land of freedom and opportunity. Their desire for freedom was so strong that they finally determined there was no cost too great to obtain it.

On August 17, 1962 the two young men left their bricklaying job for a lunch break and hurried to a little-used factory near Checkpoint Charlie that gave an easy view of the Berlin Wall just a few hundred yards away. Their intent was to wait until dusk to make their break, but around 2pm they heard voices close by and decided to make a break for it. They squeezed through a small window, hurtled over a barbed wire fence, and darted across the death strip toward freedom, Peter in the lead.

Sprinting past Peter, Helmut reached the wall first and scaled the 6-foot barrier crowned with barb wire as bullets peppered the ground and cement around them. Just as Peter reached the wall, he felt a piercing pain in his back, then another in his leg. He stumbled and then fell next to the wall.

Watching the horrific scene West Berliners, just feet away, were unable to help the dying young man who cried out in pain. Peter Fetcher's journey had ended just feet from freedom. Around the world the eyes and hearts of millions of people watched in stunned stillness as newspapers and television stations reported in fifty languages the incredible story of Peter and his desperate journey toward freedom. Millions listened to the recorded words of his friend who had escaped.

"We wanted to go to America! It was worth it to us! We would do anything! We wanted to go to America!"

What does America mean to you?

For billions of people around the world America has been, and still is, a beacon of hope – a dream that burns within their hearts. This generation has been blessed to largely inherit the freedoms we enjoy, but freedom demands a price and every generation must pay it.


Mar 16, 2023

America WILL be restored to The World Example of Giving because it’s Right to do so.
Our country was founded on Godly Principals. NOT power, greed and lust for the buck.
Election of 2022 began the awakening. 2024 Must be WE THE PEOPLE – By the People -
For the people. Term Limits are a Must. Change is constant, Morals & Common sense Change are the Ways ! 2 kinds of humans Solid or Sponge – Nothing except Salvation
is FREE.

Mar 16, 2023
Ruby Bagonia

What American means to you.
First.. What’s NOT America.
The lifelong politicians addiction fot money and power has ruined many young mind with their CRT and woke culture. It’s more of a democratic socialist cult. Jim Jones tried democratic socialism in Guyana in the 1970’s. That didn’t work out when people wanted their freedom back. The book Cult City tells the happenings of San Francisco Ca Democratic Party love affair with Jim Jones and their ties to him.
Americas is good outstanding individuals working together to strengthen our country on every issue foreseen. America’s hard fought efforts that beat slaver in one mans lifetime is a historical achievement! There was Britain’s slavery that was world wide for over a thousand years. Most every country on earth had or used slavery before America’s constitution was ever written. Still slaves were on every continent as America was fighting for its freedom of power hungry countries wanting to control and take over countries worldwide.
Our founders first president G Washington didn’t want to be a king like other countries wanted him to be. Instead our founders put it in writing..
“We The People “ for every nation on earth to see and hopefully they too would adopt The U.S. Constitution

Mar 16, 2023
Robert O. Walker

The R party got rid of broadcasting freedom by letting Murchoch illegally own stations in the USA at a foreigner. Then the R party let the Koch bros pas citizens united which let them go from donating only 140,000 a year to 58 million a year to candidate campaigns. The R party aid that was to keep american Equal in Free speach. Their garabeage and lies they hacve spewed for 28 years have left 28% of the voters dumb enough to still want Trump.
Not one Rarfty member ha voted for womens rights.Mc Carthy put the exreme right memebers of congress who would not vote for him a leader, on the oversight committee to become the leader…of what. The only represent exteme crazy views the founding fathers threw out when they made this country.. The next election will be a farce on both sides.
Check |Mexcio, 38 percent of elecgted mayor gov etc are women. Next pre election has a woman who is mayor of mexico city a a cnadiate fdor the bersgt party. And he ha a Phd in aleternative energy, Nto is kissing the butt of Exxon.

Mar 16, 2023

Our youth have been indoctrinated to believe we are a terrible country. Because they have not experienced any of the hardships the older generation has seen and endured, they are susceptible to the lies they are being taught. We need to change our education system from top to bottom.

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