How to Host a Seminar

How to host a Seminar

An Easy Step-by-Step Approach to Host a Seminar in your Area

  1. Pick a Saturday sometime in the future, usually 2-4 months out, when you can assemble 50-100 people or more. There is no upper limit. It is preferable to have everyone seated at tables. They will be taking notes in the Seminar Guide.  See a sample of this guide.
  2. Schedule a date for the seminar.  This can be done by calling Earl Taylor at: 800-388-4512 ext. 3.  We have several qualified instructors, one of which will be assigned to your event.
  3. Form a committee of several dedicated individuals, each of whom will commit to help bring people to the seminar.
  4. Immediately begin to pre-register people. Experience has shown that seminars are successful when commitments are made by people who purchase tickets to the seminar. Institutional advertising such as flyers, media advertising, and announcements in other meetings do not bring people to seminars! If you rely only on these, you will probably not have a successful seminar.
  5. Although flyers by themselves are not the most effective way to get people to the seminar, they are important in establishing a date and time of the seminar.  A personalized flyer for your seminar is always best.
  6. Financial arrangements: None of our instructors are paid, but we do need to cover the cost of seminar guides for each participant and travel expenses for the instructor. We need to receive $15 per participant with a 50-participant minimum, (at least $750) sent to us 30 days before the seminar. This will allow us to arrange for travel and for shipment of materials. The initial $750 should be sent 30 days in advance of the scheduled seminar to:
    37777 W Juniper Rd
    Malta ID 83342
    Please indicate the date and place of the seminar when sending a check. You may also pay using a credit card by calling 800-388-4512.
  7. Click here to download a checklist of things that need to be done before the seminar.
Other considerations:
  1. Accommodation for one or two nights will need to be provided for the instructor. Our instructor can stay with a local family to save costs. Also, transportation should be arranged to and from the airport.
  2. The $15 per individual or $35 per family on the sample flyer is only a suggestion. Rental of facilities, if any, and other costs may not be covered at that rate. You should set the price as needed.
  3. Checks may be made payable to the local hosting organization or to NCCS.  Fifteen dollars for each attendee in excess of 50 participants can be paid at the conclusion of the seminar.

Live Seminar

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