Forgotten American Stories

12 Chapters,
27 One-Page Stories

Filled with Activities, Geography, Vocabulary, and “What Do YOU Think?” Questions!

Forgotten American Stories is a beautiful 200-page spiral-bound book that celebrates America's rich heritage. Whether you are a teacher, parent, or both, this resource will make it easy to inspire young children with a love of liberty. Now you can share events, stories, and ideas with no prep time. Just open and go.

See below for chapter topics and pictures from the book.

Each chapter includes a story about an event in American History and a quality to be encouraged.



The Star-Spangled Banner


The Statue of Liberty


Ellis Island


Why did your ancestors come to America?


Freedom of Religion


Signers of the Declaration of Independence


The Revolutionary War


The United States Constitution


Success Formula of the U.S. Constitution


Preserving the Principles of the U.S. Constitution


Legacy of the Pilgrims


Crossing the Delaware & the Winter at Valley Forge

A Chapter from the Book

Each chapter follows this basic layout. There are 12 chapters in total.

Cover Page

Chapter 3: Ellis Island

Each chapter includes a cover page similar to this with a picture and a quote.

Picture & Story

Chapter 3: Ellis Island

Each chapter includes a story and things to consider. The picture is conveniently on the opposite side of the page for children to see as the teacher is reading and discussing the content.

Quality of Key Person

Chapter 3: Ellis Island

A quality or virtue is discussed in each chapter.


Chapter 3: Ellis Island

Questions to discuss are included, making it easy to use.

Activity or Test

Chapter 3: Ellis Island

Each chapter includes a test or an activity to reinforce the concepts.