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Now More Than Ever...

There is nothing you want more than to grow and enjoy liberty in our country. However, when you speak freedom sounding words to others in your daily life, they do not respond the way you expect. Now more than ever, it's time to discover how we can Speak the Language of Liberty.


The Language of Liberty

Once our hearts are liberty focused, we learn that cultivating liberty is so much more than using freedom sounding words. The authors, Bill Norton and Mark Herr, will teach you how to communicate in a way that inspires others to love liberty like you do—even desire to grow liberty themselves. The flame of freedom that burns in you will more easily catch fire in others as you begin to truly speak the Language of Liberty.

Speaking the Language of Liberty

Speaking the Language of Liberty

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In this book, authors, teachers, and lovers of liberty, Bill Norton and Mark Herr, dive into the heart of the matter. Do we truly love the liberty of others as much as we love our own? Do we conflate freedom with Liberty and end up forcing others into freedom, by doing it our way and only our way? Is that the result we really want? It's human nature that leads us to speak the Language of Captivity even when we think we are speaking the Language of Liberty. 

 In addition to an in depth study of speaking the Language of Liberty, this book contains the Liberty Index: A Liberty Personality Test and weekly exercises. The self-assessment will gauge your liberty preferences and the twenty six weekly exercises will point you in the right direction. We must come from a place of truly valuing liberty itself before we can sincerely and effectively expand liberty for ourselves and everyone around us.

Downloadable Resources

Liberty Index
The Liberty Index is designed as an introspection tool. It will give you an internal snapshot of where you are in relation to personal and societal liberty. The test can be downloaded for free, but you will need Speaking the Language of Liberty to help interpret the results.

Liberty Farming Chart
In Speaking the Language of Liberty, a farming metaphor is used to determine the best policies for growing liberty on a principle by principle basis. As you strive to grow liberty you may discover principles not covered in the book. The downloadable Liberty Farming Chart will allow you to explore the best way to grow the principle you have discovered. Download the chart here for free.

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth!”  
- George Washington

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