A Guide for Learning and Teaching the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution

A Guide for Learning and Teaching the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution

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This 460 page textbook/workbook weaves together all of the essential founding documents to give students a deeper and more accurate understanding of the principles that framed our Republic. It emphasizes primary source material and the classical learning techniques used by the founding fathers who were largely self-educated men. This book is both a learning guide and a teaching curriculum containing 76 sessions of coursework and assignments for a multi-semester course, a self-paced course, mini-courses or fireside lessons for home, school or church. The material is presented in a concise, logical, and easy to read manner. The book contains a series of lessons highlighting many examples from the lives of the great men who founded our country, detailing the sacrifices they made for the cause of freedom. The book is a valuable resource distilling many tidbits of information from many original source documents which could only otherwise be obtained by reading all these books one by one and gleaning out the important details. It also contains the complete text of Common Sense and an exhaustive study guide for The Federalist Papers and The Wealth of Nations. A must read for anyone who wants to learn and teach about our nation's founders, and gain a greater appreciation of the great fundamental doctrines upon which our country was founded. This book meets the Common Core State Standards for history. Recommended companion books: The Federalist Papersand The Wealth of Nations.

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Margaret Hutchinson

Trying to learn so I can pass along America's "Tribal Lore". Preparing to fight for my nation; for our freedom.

I've been your customer for years ... you must know I'm a Constitutional Conservative.

Have yourself a really fine day, Jeremy. Stay safe. Godspeed. mh

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