The 5000 Year Leap (book) and curriculum guide & 6 DVD's in 3-ring binder.
curriculum guide & 6 DVD's in 3-ring binder.
5000 Year Leap (book)
3-ring binder open to cover page.
3-ring binder open to show DVD's
DVD's in clear plastic sleeve protectors

American Government & US Constitution (Part 1)

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This is a study of American Government and the U.S. Constitution from a principle based approach. You will learn principles the founding fathers discovered and how they incorporated them into our founding documents. Washington, Adams and others referred to government as a science and warned future Americans of ideas that would lead to captivity. The founders' philosophy on government created the freest nation in the world. Our generation must learn the science of government, or captivity will surely be the result.


This course contains:

  • a text book (The 5000 Year Leap)
  • curriculum guide
  • suggested course requirements and grading standards
  • teaching objective for each lesson
  • reading assignments
  • quizzes
  • examinations
  • lesson presentations on six DVD's.

Once a student has a working knowledge of correct and proven principles for freedom, prosperity, and peace, then other history classes can be taught from a whole different perspective. American History becomes a study of how the United States, throughout its 200 plus years, has either supported the principles of liberty and prospered or violated these principles and suffered.

Can any other knowledge be more helpful to the rising generation in America today? America desperately needs better and stronger leaders. We need leaders who know correct answers and will step forward and make a positive difference in this world.

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