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I Love America (Part 2)

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This volume teaches children about:

  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The Pilgrims and how they learned to use their freedom
  • The need for Freedom of Religion
  • The Revolutionary War, and why we had to fight
  • Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence
  • The Constitutional Convention - and how the Constitution makes us free
  • The Free-Enterprise System - through first-hand experience
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Customer Reviews

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Joan Elder
I would give 10 STARS!

I have loved using this series to teach my children about the U. S. history in easy story, song and pictures.

Series one and two have been my all time favorites.

The "I Love America" part one. For younger children grades K-3. Simple stories, crafts, and songs. My daughter made a 'Betsy Ross hat' after we read the story of how the first flag came to be. I can still see the three big smiles of she and her two friends as they posed for their pictues in their new self made hats.

What brought me to this site today? Another daughter was trying to tell her three year old how people used to think the earth was flat. She and he called to ask me to sing 'The Columbus song.' After all these years these songs, stories and concepts are in her heart

"I Love America" part two. For children grades 3-6. The story of the Pilgrims I still use today with my grandchildren on Thanksgiving Day. They help me post the pictures they colored as I tell the story. Then we all sing a very tender song about the Pilgrims and their plight. All of the songs are original and written for this series.

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