Proclaim Liberty (a Civics Discussion Guide)
Proclaim Liberty (a Civics Discussion Guide)

Proclaim Liberty (a Civics Discussion Guide)

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Experience an interactive group civics curriculum designed for youth (14+) and adults.

Proclaim Liberty pulls from the natural law principles in The 5000 Year Leap and the in-depth treatment of the United States Constitution in The Making of America, to create a stand-alone group discussion guide.

If a group setting is not possible, videos for each of the 23 lessons are available here.

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Customer Reviews

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Lloyd Bender
Quick precise analysis of how our Country came to be.

Proclaim liberty is worth every dime. It takes through a quick but in-depth dive into our history. I was amazed to find out that our beginnings actually started with communism and then Christian communism. It’s also reassuring to know that our forefathers found their way through Christianity to write One of the most important documents ever to exist. It’s obvious God had his hand in the Constitution, and on the men who wrote it.

Going through the lessons, you realize you have been blessed to be born in this great nation. Now our job is to inform the masses that we have A solution to what divides America, by simply forcing our government to follow the constitution as written, and as Article 6 requires.

excellent book

happy to get the Proclaim Liberty book. It´s a must to have it!
Roberto Torres

Proclaim Liberty lectures and Discussion Guide

Excellent! Thank you so much!

Jenny Wilson
Love the title and the contents of this book.

This program of studies is a real blessing. Our organization, The Seacoast Republican Women (, has adopted it and offered it to our members and anyone who want to learn more about our Constitution. It has been very well received and at the moment we have 50 participants, some in small groups, others doing an individual study. The instructor is very knowledgeable and the lessons are well developed and sequenced just right. Thank you for preparing these materials and this excellent course.
Jenny Wilson
New Hampshire

Robert Zuluaga
To Proclaim Liberty - You and I must learn the underlying Principles

I have taught/facilitated classes on the History of America including "The 5000 Year Leap," (NCCS), "Constitution Alive", (Rick Green) multiple times, and "Constitutional Defense" (Rick Green and Front Site).

I was looking for the next step to take interested students deeper into an understanding of what underlies our exceptional system of American government. I was thinking of teaching "The Making of America". I called Earl Taylor and he suggested the Proclaim Liberty class. We are halfway through the course. We love it. The students remain actively engaged after 8 weeks and although I offer supplemental materials, they express their deep appreciation for the quality of this course and it's content.

NCCS is such a blessing as a bastion of quality educational materials vital to facilitate the igniting of the flame of liberty in the hearts of many Americans. A repeated study of our nations founding principles is the responsibility of each of us to preserve our Liberty. I encourage each reader to take up this challenge.

Thank you.

Thank you for your kind review! I am glad your group is enjoying it.

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