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The Link DVD, will introduce you to those eternal principles of freedom that LINK Gods perfect law with man's best law. They are the foundation upon which any good government must be built. These concepts were understood before our Founders wrote the Constitution. The loss of this wisdom has allowed secularists to misinterpret, miss-teach and cause grave problems in our nation today.

No soldier can perform effectively until he has prepared for involvement. He cannot even train for his job, let alone, join the fight, until he has completed basic training. If he fights without the necessary training, his heart may always be in the right place, but his effectiveness will be limited at best. Often, "good" people, because of the things they do not understand, help the enemy. This video is a first step toward being prepared to help maintain liberty and morality. Learning these fundamental principles is the root training for every freedom fighter, teacher, and parent. Even many who are experienced, well educated, and presently involved have not fully learned these basics. This knowledge gives us a beginning standard by which to measure political proposals, ideas, policies, programs, and politicians.

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