The Making of America (Seminar Guide)

The Making of America (Seminar Guide)

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This fill-in-the-blank Seminar Guide is specifically designed for our one day seminars that we present across the nation. This IS NOT a study guide that goes with our textbook The Making of America. If you have any questions about what this guide is please call.

We recently recorded a live seminar that is now available on DVD and corresponds directly with this Seminar Guide. Click here for more details.

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Customer Reviews

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Damned by All I didn't know, I didn't know

Everyone in the Boomer gen was taught about the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes. But, what we weren't taught was just how perfect their govt. was and how it developed. Things I never thought about like ctmmunism being the cause of failure in the early colonies. And the fix being private property and the value of our labor-- and the REASON it failed and will always fail is because it's a BAD IDEA, and you just can't fix those, Bernie!!!!

Roger Driver
Great Constitutional course

The “Making” of America video course and the study guide is excellent! The total class size has expanded to 34 people at our last discussion group! So far we have handed out 42 seminar guidebooks, so the word is getting out and everyone is engaged and learning our constitution! Thank you for this excellent learning experience!!

Elizabeth B Williams
Making of America 1-day Seminar Guide

Website is very user-friendly and the quantity discount is appreciated

Camille Condie
Great Seminar for Homeschoolers!

We have been using this seminar and guide for our homeschool this year for our 16 year old daughter. She is loving it! She comes to the dinner table each day and shares what she has learned that day. She read the 5,000 year leap last year and this is shedding more light on those principles of truth and freedom. Thank-you so much for your thoughtful products. Our whole family looks forward to watching the seminar next. My daughter said that unlike other things found on the internet she loves that this teaches facts using primary sources of those who were actually there instead of opinions of a historian or scholar who is interpreting the facts for us. I have shared this seminar with many other homeschool families. Thank-you!

I'm so glad she is enjoying the 5000 year leap and the Making of America seminar. She sounds like a very intellegent young woman. Our country needs people like her!

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