American Classic Series - Biographies of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin
A biography of Benjamin Franklin.  The title of the book is the real benjamin franklin.
A biography of George Washington.  The title of the book is the real George Washington.
A biography of Thomas Jefferson.  The title of the book is the real Thomas Jefferson.

American Classic Series - Biographies of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin

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Discover the captivating stories of three iconic American Founding Fathers through this series of biographies:

These books pay tribute to the enduring sacrifices made by these remarkable individuals, whose contributions paved the way for unparalleled freedom, prosperity, and peace around the world. While extensive literature exists about these pioneers of liberty, this series takes a unique approach by allowing these Founding Fathers to narrate significant portions of their own journeys.

To offer a comprehensive understanding of both their lives and philosophies, each volume is divided into two parts. Part 1 presents their biographies, while Part 2 showcases selected quotes from their writings and speeches. Together, these components paint a richer and more holistic portrait of their lives and characters.

Published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS), these books are a valuable resource for fostering an appreciation of the Founding Fathers and the exceptional system of free government they bestowed upon us as Americans.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Yin Lu
They are the must read for all US citizen :) 5 stars

They are the must read for all US citizen :)
5 stars

Andrew Kawalec
The Real George Washington

I am about halfway done, but I can say this: It is truly great book about a truly great man.

Chairman, Founders Keep Inc.

Our organization has purchased thousands of Pocket Constitutions, Books, and study material over the years and has never been disappointed. The shipments arrive quickly and are in excellent condition.


I've read all four of the American Classic Series books and found them very well written and attention holding. The best part is they are written by the subjects themselves through their written letters and articles. These books are not the thoughts and summations of an author who has a point to make, they are filled with quotes from the subjects themselves and others living alongside of them in their days who wrote about them in one way or another.
Also, the books are honest, balanced, friendly to the subjects and very informative concerning the nation and their families. These books should be required reading for every high school student.
Dr T

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